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This form shows the following features:

  • default value for assignee field with magic word {{CURRENTUSER}} (wikitext and parser functions allowed, useful repositories are the following: Help:Magic words and Extension:MyVariables)
  • OOUI UserInputWidget for the same field
  • status with dropdown with items retrieved by a wikilist on this page Task status list
  • OOUI MultilineTextInputWidget for the task field, with autogrow
  • subitems for the repository section
  • validation pattern for the url field in the repository section (repository -> properties -> url -> settings symbol near the preferred input field -> validate)
  • default rows for the MultilineTextInputWidget inside the input config for the comments field
  • hidden field id-increment, with value-formula {{#idprovider-increment:}} (see Extension:IDProvider) used in pagename formula
  • pagename formula with value Tasks/<assignee>/<id-increment> (this will create a page with the entered metadata or freetext with title like Tasks/User:Admin/1 )
  • The form gets validated through ajv-validator

form is loading...

Wikitext to render the form

{{#visualdataform: Task
|title = Create task
|action = create
|edit-page = 
|return-page = 
|view = inline
|popup-size = medium
|css-class =
|pagename-formula = Tasks/<assignee>/<id-increment>
|edit-freetext = true
|edit-categories = false
|edit-content-model = false
|edit-target-slot = false
|default-categories = tasks
|default-content-model = wikitext
|layout-align = top
|popup-help = true 
|submit-button-text =
|layout = tabs
|submit-button-text =
|validate-button-text =

The related schema generated by the schema builder can be found here: VisualDataSchema:Task. It can be managed here Special:ManageSchemas

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