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This page demonstrates the use of VisualData/Geolocation in conjunction with the Extension:Maps. (click the tab "Edit data" above to edit the related form)

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It is composed by the following elements:

1) the schema Geolocation, which is of course createable/editable from here or here.

2) The data entered in the same action tab Edit data

3) The following parser function

|template=Geolocation map

The template Template:Geolocation map containing the call to the display_map parser function in the following form:

{{#display_map: {{{geolocation/latitude}}},{{{geolocation/longitude}}} 
|zoom= {{#expr: {{{geolocation/zoom}}} round 0 }}

4) That's it, enjoy the power of Maptiler combined with VisualData and the Maps extension.

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