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Wikisphere is a framework for collaborative WIKIs based on semantic data and page ownership

Wikisphere is a framework finalized to provide third-party WIKIs which develop the concept of Enterprise Mediawiki with state-of-the-art tools and resources to maximize their productivity and interoperability of data. Wikisphere is inspired by the following principles or implements the following features:

  1. Separation between management of data (inserting, updating, managing information) and their use and presentation. Mediawiki is used as a database administration and visualization system, where data can be created and shaped in a collaborative way, while the access and use of data is delegated to single-page applications or apps
  2. Focus on structured data (specifically through the use of Semantic MediaWiki and PageForms) and their interoperability
  3. Page ownership, both on public and private WIKIs, as a mean to let specific users or groups to transparently manage specific set of pages, instead than as a mean to conceal sensitive information

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In what way Wikisphere can be used ?
The most effective and frictionless way to use Wikisphere is by installing the Wikisphere Common and Wikisphere PageProperties extension and to start to publish semantic data on the global database/front-end
What is the "global database/front-end" ?
It is a centralized database where all the semantic data created by WIKIs with the Wikisphere extension installed, converge in order to be easily accessed and used by the public through an interactive interface.
Is therefore Wikisphere front-end similar to Google ?
In a way (in the way that Google implements the Knowledge Graph) yes, however as you can see Google's Knowledge Graph relies mostly on Wikipedia, while Wikisphere interface provides accurate data based on all the Wikisphere network
I see that several concepts here expressed (common vocabulary, interoperability of data, etc.) are the same key-concepts of Wikidata, how this project does differ from it?
Of course we have already explored Wikidata (and its related extensions, Wikibase Repository and Client) and we plan to gradually integrate it and to merge Wikisphere with it as soon as it is profitable and possible.

Wikisphere is an open initiative, join the team and help to define the guidelines and data structure requirements for all Wikisphere network !