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Packages are an easy way to export group of pages, templates, special pages (like css and javascript) and modules, from Wikisphere to other WIKIs.

In order to import packages to your wiki, just install the Page Exchange extension, and add the following line in your LocalSettings.php:

$wgPageExchangeFileDirectories[] = '';

Here is a list of useful packages:

package description
Packages_plain_text/layout_cards.json imports the templates to create a main page like this
Packages_plain_text/accordion.json imports an accordion like the following
Packages_plain_text/path stripper.json see docs here
Packages_plain_text/form_news_media.json imports this form
Packages_plain_text/form_news_article.json imports this form
Packages_plain_text/form_news_digest.json imports this form