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feature description status
promotional contents add a form "promotional contents" which will appear on the front-end (right panel)
page name formula in the forms' page name formula replace "/" with "⧸" within fields values
page forms upload the image should be uploaded in a temporary page (some random code) and then moved under the page after it has been created done
page move files uploaded under a page, should be moved when the page is renamed
form title field and page name usually forms fields generates the page name or part of it (for instance in the form with field "title"), in this case page name and field content should be mutually updated as long as one of them changes
Wordpress plugin create a Wordpress plugin to automatically insert pages ("post" item) in specific WIKIs (with Wikisphere extension)
Wikisphere logo design a logo, as well the icon to place on the footer (besides Powered by MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki)
PageForms telephone number add telephone number input type
Wikisphere PageOwnership on page delete, any entry in wikisphere_page_ownership table should be deleted
Mediawiki login from sub-page logging-in from a sub-page will redirect to Special:Badtitle