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This is the "Page upload" template. (see here for a use-case) It should be called in the following format:

<gallery widths=340px mode="packed-overlay" parse-wikitext>

Attention! due to the issue mentioned here:

inner content of tag extensions won't be parsed as wikitext ! In order to allow it in certain circumstances (i.e. within the tags gallery and ref) we propose to use the attribute parse-wikitext in conjuction with the following MW patch:

			if ( isset( $this->mTagHooks[$name] ) ) {
				// @see https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T4700
				// @see https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T3310
				if ( !empty( $content )
					&& array_key_exists( 'parse-wikitext', $attributes ) ) {
					$content = $this->internalParse( $content, false, $frame );

				// Note that $content may be null here, for example if the
				// tag is self-closed.
				$output = call_user_func_array( $this->mTagHooks[$name],
					[ $content, $attributes, $this, $frame ] );
			} else {

(includes/parser/Parser.php -> extensionSubstitution )

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