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Forms are basically collections or containers of metadata, and the mechanism to insert them.

Below is a list of forms used by third-parties WIKIs using Wikisphere, plus, possibly, other forms for generic-use. The purpose of this collection is both to help administrators to install all the forms and the components they need in minutes (through the use of packages as explained here), instead than hours (if you already know what are you doing) or weeks/months to acquire the proper know-how, and to encourage for the use of a common vocabulary used throughout multiple WIKIs whose data and items can therefore be visualized and used within a common interface.


News media

News website, online/offline newspaper, magazine, journal, etc.

{{Form news media 

{{#formlink:form=News media|link text=Form News media|link type=button|returnto=}}

News digest

Review of a published article

{{Form news digest 
|News media=
|Media type=

{{#formlink:form=News digest|link text=Form news digest|link type=button|returnto=}}



{{Form organization
|Foundation year=

{{#formlink:form=Organization|link text=Form Organization|link type=button|returnto=}}



{{Form book
|Is translation=
|Original title=
|Public domain=

{{#formlink:form=Book|link text=Form Book|link type=button|returnto=}}

Book edition

{{Form book edition
|Place of publication=
|Publication type=
|Publication date=
|Is open-source=
|Media creator=
|Is digital edition=

{{#formlink:form=Book edition|link text=Form Book edition|link type=button|returnto=}}

Reading progress

{{Form book reading progress 
|Reading completion=

{{#formlink:form=Book reading progress |link text=Form Book reading progress |link type=button|returnto=}}

Reading suggestion

{{Form reading suggestion

{{#formlink:form=Reading suggestion|link text=Form Reading suggestion|link type=button|returnto=}}